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Department of Pharmacology

Dr. Tuhin Jahan

Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology

About Dr. Tuhin Jahan:

Dr. Tuhin Jahan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacology at Faridpur Medical College.

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Dr. Tuhin Jahan


Degree Year Institution
M.Phil (Pharmacology)

Publications & Others

Journal: Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology

Year of publication: 2007

Letter Snippet:

Herbs are used for thousands of centuries by many cultures for their medicinal values. Herbal treatment is very popular because it is easily available, cheap and less toxic. Azadirachta indica (neem) is a herbal plant widely distributed in our subcontinent during all seasons. Each part of neem tree has some medicinal property. Neem leave, bark extracts and neem oil are commonly used for therapeutic purpose (Tewari, 1992). Neem oil suppresses several species of pathogenic bacteria such as S. aureus and S. typhosa, all strains of M. tuberculosis (Chaurasia and Jain, 1978; Rao et al., 1986). The growth of S. paratyphi and V. cholerae was inhibited (Rao, 2005). Efficacy of NIM-76, a spermicidal fraction from neem oil was investigated for its antimicrobial action against certain bacteria, fungi and poliovirus as compared to whole neem oil. This shows that NIM-76 has a potent broad spectrum antimicrobial activity (SaiRam, 2000). Available antimicrobial agents can control the infection but they are expensive and rapid emergence of anti-microbial resistance. Neem may be used for its easy availability and significant effect against bacteria. The neem tree is still regarded as ‘village dispensary’.

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Assistant Professor (Faridpur Medical College)
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