Instruction for scheduling and taking online video class

Overview: In order to take online video class using BdREN Platform, you will need to sign in to the BdREN vsession site with the provided username and password and then schedule a class in their platform.

Log In to BdREN VSession

  1. Go to link.
  2. Provide your username and password and click Login.

Scheduling a Class

  1. After login, click on the ‘Create Schedule’ button on the left hand side.
  2. Then, on the form on the right, provide the ‘Session Topic’.
  3. Then give the ‘Start date and Time’ of the class.
  4. Then select the ‘Duration’ of the class
  5. Then check the ‘Enable Waiting Room’ checkbox.
  6. Then click save.

It will take some time to save the schedule. After the schedule is saved, a confirmation message will be visible.

Viewing all the scheduled classes

To see all the scheduled classes, click on the ‘Upcoming Sessions’ button on the left hand side and the classes will be shown on the right hand side.

Sharing the class link to the students

Click on the ‘Share’ button and then click ‘Copy link to clipboard’ button. The link will be copied. Then paste and send that link to the class captain or any student of that class via WhatsApp/ SMS/ Messenger. Students will be able to join the class by clicking on the link you will share.

Starting a class

10 minuets before the starting time of the class, you’ll see a ‘Start Session’ button.

Clicking on the button will ask for the permission to start Zoom App in your mobile/computer. Click on the ‘Open’ button and the Zoom app will open and your class will start.

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