Photo Contest 2019

A photo contest has been arranged among the students of Faridpur Medical College. The primary goal of the contest is to display the academic and campus beauty of the college through our talented photographers. The contest is open to all the present students and alumni of Faridpur Medical College.

Rules (read before you submit):
  1. Excessive filter/edit of the submitted photo will not be accepted.
  2. The photo should not contain any typed text or watermark or personal logo.
  3. One can send multiple photos.
  4. Try to send the best possible quality of the photo. However, photos more than 5 megabytes are not encouraged.
  5. If you find any difficulty in uploading photo from mobile, try uploading from a desktop computer or email your photos to [email protected]
Selection and result:
  1. Expert panel will select the best photos.
  2. Best photos will be used for decorating the official website with proper mention of the name and batch of the photographer.
  3. An event might be arranged in the future with the announcement of the launch of the new version of the official website where winners will be acknowledged.

Submit the form below to enter the contest

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