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Department of Microbiology

In the department of microbiology is concerned with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases.

Department of Anatomy

Brief Outlook

Departmental Objectives:

Undergraduate medical students after completing the course on Microbiology will become well versed in the etiology of microbial diseases, their pathogenesis, immunological responses involved and some important clinical features that would enable them to plan and interpret necessary laboratory investigations for diagnosis, treatment and prevention. The department will provide teaching-learning experiences to achieve the following learning objectives.


At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • describe and understand the aetiopathogenesis of microbial agents such  as  bacteria,  virus, parasite and fungi commonly prevalent in Bangladesh
  • explain the host-parasite relationship, normal flora of the body, pathogens and opportunistic pathogens
  • understand the principles and applications of immunology involved  in  the  pathogenesis, diagnosis and prevention of microbial and immunological
  • understand hospital acquired infection and its prevention
  • understand the emerging and re-emerging microbial diseases in Bangladesh and their diagnosis, control and prevention
  • understand antibiotic resistant pattern and selection of appropriate antibiotics and its rational

Students will be able to:

  • plan necessary laboratory investigations selecting appropriate clinical samples at the right time, using the right method of their collection and interpret the results of these laboratory investigations to arrive at laboratory diagnosis of microbial and immunological
  • perform simple laboratory tests available in Upazila Health
  • carry out the techniques of asepsis, antisepsis and sterilization in day to day
  • undertake universal precautions in laboratory and clinical

Students will be able to:

  • demonstrate the attitude for further learning, research and continuing education for improvement of efficiency and skill in the

List of Competencies to Acquire:

After completion of graduation, an MBBS doctor is expected to achieve the following competency in the area of Microbiology. An MBBS graduate will be competent to:

  1. perceive the etio-pathogenesis of diseases caused by microbes commonly prevalent in Bangladesh
  2. proceed for diagnosing a case caused by microbes in terms of :
    1. appropriate specimens necessary for diagnosis
    2. timing of specimen collection and appropriate transport
    3. appropriate diagnostic tests to advise
  3. interpret the values of tests and the test
  4. identify the basic problems of hospital acquired infection and its prevention
  5. select appropriate antimicrobial agents for the treatment of common microbial diseases
  6. use of antibiotics rationally
  7. provide Counseling regarding vaccination against common diseases and chemoprophylaxis
  8. appraise the need for research on common microbial diseases encountered in medical practice Note: Microbial diseases include: bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi


The Teachers

Head of the department

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Associte professors

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Assistant professors


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The Course Details

Distribution of Teaching - Learning Hours:




Total Teaching hours

Formative Exam

Summative exam



Exam time

Preparatory leave

Exam time

100 hrs

45 hrs

45 hrs

190 hrs

10 days

15 days

10 days

15 days

(Time for exam. preparatory leave and formative & summative assessment is common for all subjects of the phase )

Teaching - Learning Methods, Teaching Aids and Evaluation:

Teaching Methods

Teaching aids

In course evaluation

Large group

Small group

Self learning


(integrated teaching)


Tutorial Practical

Assignment, Self study


Computer and Multimedia

Bino-ocular and teaching microscope

Microscope with projection (magnified) system Multimedia

Overhead projector

Slide projector , Fixed Learning Module (FLM)

Tape slide Video Coloured charts Hand out

White board /chalk board

· Item Examination

· Card final

· Term Examination

· Term final

(written, oral+ practical)

3rd Professional Examination:

Marks distribution of Assessment of Microbiology:

Total marks – 300

  • Written= 100 (MCQ 20+SAQ 70+formative Assessment Marks 10)
  • Structured oral examination=100
  • Practical =100 (OSPE-50+Traditional- 50)

Prerequisite for 3rd Professional Examination:

  1. A Student must pass all term exam before appearing 3rd professional
  2. Class attendance must be 75 %
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